We speak boutique.TM

The Studio at Perspectives


Some call it a design studio. Others, a design boutique. We call it a conversation starter.

Most people don’t know exactly what they want until they see it. That’s why we created The Studio.

A separate, intimate space inside Perspectives, The Studio displays only the finest samples of tile, fixtures, cabinetry and lighting. Each has been carefully hand selected, because it’s these critical little details that add up to create one very big impression.

Instead of driving around to showrooms and guessing how it’s all going to come together, we’ve brought it together for you to react to. And for us to see your reaction. So we can start putting together a design that feels like we read your mind all along. Especially the part that says I need it to fit my budget.

The Studio is something new: a design think tank where ideas of any size become reality. And reality becomes something truly amazing. Because in the end, that’s exactly what you want.

The Studio. Let the conversations begin.


You know how you feel shopping for power tools? That’s the feeling we create for your clients.

Introducing The Studio. Its sole purpose is to help make the places you build look absolutely amazing, all the way down to the smallest detail.

It’s a separate space inside Perspectives where we’ve hand selected samples of tile, fixtures, cabinetry and lighting—all the tools of the design trade to help you create the perfect home for your client. All within their budget.

It’s a place where design and craftsmanship do a Vulcan mind meld. We tap into your clients’ imaginations and turn their ideas into specs you can use. They actually get to sit down and pick from the best of the best—all with the expert guidance of some of the industry’s top interior designers. In the meantime, you’re freed up to do what you do best—build.

And in the end, The Studio will help you offer your clients what they wanted all along, something truly amazing.

The Studio. Let the conversations begin.



Access to unique furniture and fabrics—all under one roof.



Ability to create something fabulous within any budget.



Collaborative environment—warm, friendly and personal.



Weekly updating of samples to include new product offerings.



Help with everything from cabinet hardware selection to complete interior renovations.



Ability to handle design and space challenges that leave others stumped.

From our Clients

“The Perspectives team and The Studio made it so easy to finish my bathroom-tile scheme.”

“This service saved me so much time running around the city looking for materials. I highly recommend it!”

“The designers at Perspectives are so knowledgeable and talented.
We love the design decisions we made with them in The Studio.”